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About Aerocity & Famous Hotels

Delhi’s Aerocity is synonymous with luxury for its hotels, restaurants, stores, and even its modern architecture. Built near the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it was mostly for travellers or people with endless layovers. But it has quickly morphed into a hotspot for Delhiites too, providing everything from fine dining, and glamorous staycation options, to shopping experiences. So if you’re planning to visit, here’s the best of what you can eat, drink, stay and shop at Aerocity. The area around the New Delhi airport was known for 5-star luxurious hotels where people stopped by during transit. But over the last few years, Aerocity has become a world hub, with some of Delhi's poshest hotels and finest eating places. Aerocity boasts amazing restaurants, bars, cafes and bakeries. If you are looking for 5 stars luxurious hotels with escort girls in Aerocity, you will certainly have a hard time deciding on one place because there are so many options but we are one of the famous escort agencies which are provided all of the services in Aerocity.